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Service Ambassador

Service Ambassador

Service technicians largely determine the success of the organisation. They make the customer experience what the organisation understands by customer-oriented handling. At Service College, we believe that every customer contact offers opportunities. Opportunities to strengthen the relationship and to profile yourself as a true Service Professional. However, this requires more than just technical know-how and professional competence.

In the Service Ambassador programme, the focus is on the Service Engineer's role as a professional ambassador of the organisation. This starts with awareness: of behaviour, communication and attitude. How you approach the customer, how you deal with dissatisfaction or anger and how important it is to keep your agreements.

Empathy, effective communication, service orientation, social skills; they belong in every service employee's toolbox. It makes them true Service Professionals capable of providing the right and appropriate experience to both external customers and internal customers.

The Service Ambassador programme can be provided on its own and as Step 1 of the Service Attitude programme.


Step 1: The service-minded Service Ambassador

This programme primarily focuses on your service engineer's ability to provide excellent service, facilitating the development of Service Ambassadors of your organisation.


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