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Back-office Professional

Back-office Professional

Each crucial link ensures optimal service experience for the client and a high-performing field office.

Whether it is the customer service, the help desk, work preparation, planning, the finance department or the sales office, each link in the service chain provides a significant contribution to achieving the desired result.

The challenge for many support offices is in feeling optimal engagement with their external and internal client, despite the lack of face-to-face contact. Client engagement, service orientation and empathy are essential behavioural traits for a support office employee. This creates the basis on which professional client contact and successful internal processes are built. The realisation of being a crucial link in the entire chain, and acting on that realisation, results in a more powerful, more flexible and more efficient chain as a whole.

The Back-Office and Front-Office Programmes offered by Service College are based on an integrative approach tailored to actual practice. The focus is not only on the required knowledge and skills, but also on the professional attitude and mindset of a service professional in the back office.

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