Service Sales Professional

It is not about selling the product or the service, it is about solutions.

It is a trade

Whether we’re talking about New Sales, or a Service Account Manager who maintains relations for the current client base as well as keeping a close eye on every commercial opportunity, one thing is clear: effective sales requires a multitude of essential competences. It all starts with the right attitude and mindset. Motivated, results-oriented, sensitive to the needs of organisation and client alike: entrepreneurship to the max! A solid foundation in subject matter expertise is also vital. Knowledge of your own products and services as well as that of the competition is important, so you can be a professional sparring partner for the client that continues to know more, want more and demand more in this transparent world, constantly fed by online sources.

Professional Sales Skills
An optimal toolkit of required knowledge, skills and behaviour that can change your sales representative into a sales professional who can truly make a difference.

Service College provides keenly balanced Blended Learning programmes for the sales professional of today and tomorrow, also integrating subject matter expertise.