Enterprising Leadership

The evolution of the service technician from a purely technical employee into a commercial and result-oriented service professional demands a different type of leadership, as does the rapidly changing market.

The Regional Service Leader, the entrepreneur who can make a difference!

The supervisor once known as the chief technician, who often got his position because he was by far the best in the technical field, was by definition usually not the best manager. A manager’s toolkit simply involves completely different tools and levels of than a technician’s toolkit. In addition, the service sector has changed so much over these past years that a traditional chief mechanic just does not fit the bill any more. The leadership needs have shifted from a technical all-rounder to a results-oriented regional manager: a leader who gets the most from his team and region by using excellent leadership qualities that are focused on achieving results, which will ensure that the organisation makes its targets. Seeing the big picture and managing by KPIs makes the position of regional manager versatile and demanding.

For those who are up for it
Service College has years of hands-on experience in the overall evolutionary process of a manager in the service sector has led to an appealing and effective training programme. The programme challenges managers to dig deep and get the best out of themselves. This track is completely attuned to their daily practice and to current events, in which solid results are the defining factor.